Om Mani Padme Hum

Read as: Om mah-nee pahd-may hoom

“The jewel of consciousness is joined with the heart’s lotus”




This glorious Buddhist mantra can transform both the individual and the world. 

Those who chant this mantra quicken their own evolution and, at the same time, promote compassion in the world.


 Thomas Ashley-Farrand, author of Healing Mantras and Shakti Mantras (


Life as a Gift





(Before praying in Sakya Monastery, Nepal – Photographed by G.Budianto)


The ancient Masters slept without dreams and woke up without worries.

Their food was plain.  Their breath came from deep inside them.

They didn’t cling to life, weren’t anxious about death.

They emerged without desire and re-entered without resistance.

They came easily; they went easily.

They didn’t forget where they were from; they didn’t ask where they were going.

They took everything as it came, gladly, and walked into death without fear.  

They accepted life as a gift, and they handed it back gratefully.




Saying from the Buddha

Health is the greatest of blessings

Contendtedness the best riches;

Trust is the best of relationships

Nirvana the highest happiness.

(Dhammapada by the Buddha)

Mossy Bites

As I fully exhaled into Baddha Konasana (bound angle pose),

I felt a complete let-go of myself;

As I breathed more deeply into the pose,

I saw tiny dots of mosquito bites on my legs.

I realized that I got them last night,

As we chatted away into the night,

In a trusting and candid way,

About joy and sorrow of life,

About souls and characters we truly adore,

In their lighter or darker sides,

A complete let-go of egos –

And the mossy bites, didn’t matter.



The soul lives there

in the silent breath. – Rumi  

In silence and quiet we discover parts of ourselves

that are far deeper than language can ever express.

We stop needing the reassurance of others who mirror us,

we stop being distracted and seduced by the emotionality of words.  

When we still lips and mind we find succour

in the gentle lessons that come to consciousness.

We revel in the beautiful sound of birds and life teeming around us. 

Silence is the language of Source, which is

comforting for those brave enough to listen. 

(The Gift, Ruth Ostrow) 

An Inward Journey

I struggled hard but did not reap the fruits of my labors. 

Then I gazed into myself and foundthat my ego and my heart were unified. 

When the ego and the heart are united,a portion of all the shines upon the heartis seized by the self. 

Thus I come to know the cause of my dilemma, that the light illuminating my heart was beingseized by my ego. 

Al Nuri.

The Cat and the Tao

The roughest roads are not found across rivers,

and mountains,

but in people’s hearts.

Bai Juyi



Chinese characters: on a nice day like today we should be singing and drinking wine.  Oval seal: I paint what I like; Rectangular seal: The Way; Round seal: Hand and Tang dynasties; Square seal: Kuen Shan.

(The Cat and The Tao by Kwong Keun Shan)