Rumi: The Book of Love

Are you jealous of the ocean’s generosity?

Why would you refuse to give this love to anyone?

Fish don’t hold the sacred liquid in cups.

They swim the huge fluid freedom.




A poetry by Rumi

From Bridge to the Soul





Do you want the sweetness of food

or the sweetness of the one

who put sweetness in food?


There are amazing things in the ocean,

And there is one who is the ocean.


Think of a carpenter’s alert comprehension

when he builds a house.


Now think of the one

who creates consciousness.


It takes skill to extract oil from a nut.

Now consider how sight lives in the eye.


There is a night full of the wildness

of wanting.  Then dawn comes.

You take my hand in yours.


There are those who doubt

that this can happen.


They pour powdered gold into barley bins

They follow donkeys to the barn.


Enough words. Friend,

you can make the ear see.


Speak the rest of this poem

in that language.



A poem by Rumi

From Bridge to the Soul


Today I see Muhammad ascend.

The friend is everywhere,

in every action.


Love, a lattice.

Body, fire.


I say, Show me the way.

You say, Put your head

under your feet.


That way you rise through the stars

and see a hundred other ways

to be with me.


There are as many as there are

flightpaths of prayer at dawn.





[Photo illustration of Upala Yoga by Shane Hart]