Tattoos in Paintings: Natalia Fabia in Focus

Browsing through Juxtapoz’ August 2009 edition, I came across an interesting LA-based artist by the name of Natalia Fabia.  Her artwork infuses all of the artist’s favorite influences into painting after painting, each more vibrant and inspired than the next.  Her work is different and stands out.. the eyes need some getting used to, to differentiate whether it is a portrait or a painting or an oil painting portrait.  Here is an excerpt from the article in the magazine as written by Katie Zuppann.


Take a handful of gems, a wealth of tattoos, mix in some ruffled lingerie and encrust with glitter, lots of glitter.  This tasty recipe is just a suggested serving, for the real magic lies in the viewer’s interpretation. Natalia Fabia takes an almost puerile, voyeuristic impulse, to an artistically sophisticated level.  Natalia’s work possessess a vibrancy, sexy and alluring, but maintains a delicate and feminine charm.


Although Natalia may be best known for racy subject matter, her works are painstaking examinations of the fundamental language of paint:  light, color, space, composition, and surface.  Each canvas offers the artist an investigation into a series of formal problems.

One thing is indisputable:  Natalia’s mastery of oil paints has significantly improved in recent years, something the artist attributes to greater time and care spent on each piece. ‘I used to rush myself before,’ Natalia confirms… ‘I could always paint, I just paint smart now.’ Conscious painting or ‘painting smart’ is teh result of experience and just plain efficiency.

images[3]‘What exactly is the message you’re trying to convey?’ I question later on the phone.  ‘I’ve always been interested in environments, how people interact with their environments,’ she explains. ‘I think there is way more to paintings than just people see.  I do paint pretty things because that’s what I’m drawn to.  I’m super into clothing and fashion.  I love pretty women.  Even straight girls check each other out.’

A7C9GPWCAM2W76ZCARG34BOCAA9Y3C3CAU91MPPCAXHEZ0PCAXKILLWCAKA33MPCAPJVW9VCA0VOCXQCAX67HIVCAK01P8ICAQ4VO0ACADJK7M4CA8AQI1QCARW3XJ1CASYFY5RCA3NGD3TFor as long as Natalia can remember, she has been drawn to glitz and glamour, Punk rock, pinup dolls, tattoos, gems, chandeliers (as one of her body tattoo also implies as a back piece) – just about anything bright, loud and sparkly crept its way to Natalia’s heart and has never left.



Natalia Fabia’s work provides a visual feast, using traditional techniques to evoke the modern world through those favorite rose-colored glasses.  We may never get to cavort in a world habituated by playful stuffed animals and erotic women ourselves, but it’s inspiring and rejuvenating to visit every now and again.