Sambal Matah Bali

Sambal is food garnish in Indonesia, it came from various places with various taste.  The undercurrent taste is HOT and SPICY.. otherwise, it will not be called sambal.  One of them comes from Bali, it is called Sambal Matah, which means a raw sambal.  Here are the basic ingredients to make one:

Chilly padi (cabai rawit) – the more the hotter, red shallots (bawang merah), young lemongrass (batang serai muda), to be sliced thinly and combined with fresh lime juice (jeruk nipis).  Put a pinch of salt. Lastly pour  a dash of warm coconut oil. Combined all ingredients and serve immediately.

There you have it! It will go very nicely with a fresh grilled fish or some crispy pork grill (babi guling), if you like one.




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