Upala Yoga



‘The art and practice of stone balancing has been cultivated around the world for thousands of years.  It’s known by names such as Land Art, Awareness Art, Petromancy and Earthworks.  I call it Upala Yoga (Stone Yoga).  Upala and Yoga are Sanskrit words; Upala means stone and Yoga means union.  Upala Yoga is temporal, hours can be spent on a sculpture and a subtle vibration or light wind can take it down in an instant.  It’s a meditative art that evokes a sense of amazement, focuses our attention in the moment, and challenges us to examine our attachment to the material world.’


The above text was written by Shane Hart, the artist who is practicing balancing the stone in Bellingham, WA, USA – where he lives with his family.  A steady crowd and followers bring also a sense of community around where he lives as he practices his Upala Yoga at a city park.  Check out his link on www.stonetostone.com





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