Another Addition to the Signature of the Soul

The symbolism of growth and related elements of nature always attracts me, to be translated into a piece of art, called tattoo. 


While my Tree of Life is still ‘work in progress’, I cannot resist but to get a piece of it in the form of leave, a Silver Fern leave to be exact.  The placement is in the inside part of the ankle.. because I would like to also experience how painful it is to get one down there.


The fern is the national symbol of New Zealand, ranging from national sports team, to restaurant’s logo, to its origin Maori tribe.  You will find it widely use in New Zealand.








So it happened during the 3-day Sydney Tattoo and Body Arts Expo in Sydney earlier this March 2009.  Cambridge BodyArts, our next door booth, originates from New Zealand, although the main tattoo artist, Peet van Dijk and his wife, Natascha, are Dutch in origin.  They are specializing in Maori Tribe tattoo designs, but also in various Oriental style flash. 




It was a simple design of the fern and lasted for 1hour and 15 minutes for the process to take place.  But I found that it was the most painful place to get inked, with longest period to heal. Once you think of tattooing part of the body which is closest to the bone that is where the pain can be felt.  This time it was very stingy!




But one week later, I have forgotten how it felt during the process, only to look at such a beautiful piece of art permanently signed on a part of my body.




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