Coffee Culture 3: Little Flowers with Big Potential

The name Blumchen Coffee place probably not as famous as any other chain places whether local or international.  It’s location which is on Jalan Fatmawati probably not so much looked after, like those located in malls or shopping centres.  But I think this is what makes it more unique and interesting.


Owned by a Korean which already converted to Indonesian national, Blumchen was opened in February 2008. 


Menu and serving:

It’s simple and straightforward – black, latte, cappuccino, mochacino – either hot or cold.  Various teas are also served.  So far, they serve simple sandwiches (tuna and beef) and ready-made cake.  I think they are still focusing to perfect their coffee serving.  They have various blend of coffee from home blend, Java (Blawan, Jampit, Kayumas, Pancur), Sumatra (Mandailing, Lintong, Gayo, Kopi Luwak), Sulawesi (Toraja), Bali, various foreign coffees (Ethiopia, Papua, Columbia, Kenya, Guatemala).  The kopi luwak costs IDR500 thousands (or approximately USD45) per 100 grams.


Roasting is done in-house using Probat machine from Germany.  Coffee making is using la Pavoni, a powerful coffee-maker from Italy. 


I tried the spiced coffee and my partner had the iced coffee mocha.  Both are satisfying and refreshing.  Especially for my spiced coffee, the Java beans were smooth and fresh, with a dash of cinnamon and nutmeg, not too many.  The down point was that a dollop of whipped cream was put in it.. not really expected.  I would hope for a plain one.


They might want to add some pastries savoury or sweet as additional menu; and try to get rid of the packaged ready-made cake.



Quite relaxing with 3 sofa settees scattered, with soothing colors.  Vespa seems to be the main focal points and other hobby of the owner, surely was the show-case in the premise.  Books and magazines are available, especially those related to ‘boys’ toys’.  Some artifacts of coffee grinder and coffee machine were displayed.  Or if you got bored, there are some coffee table games, including ‘dhakon’, a Javanese solitaire or two-person game.


Parking space is plenty in front of the café.  They need to get rid of the artificial flower arrangements and pots inside.


Overall, it is quite a cozy place to relax and sip your favorite coffee. 


Blumchen Coffee, Jalan RS Fatmawati 1, Jakarta 12430, 021 91959112.



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