[Getting old, the process of becoming old, being old scares many people.  Sometime the fear is because of the unknown.  The unknown on what will happen, what should one’s expect… Vanda Scaravelli in Awakening The Spine, talked about being old gracefully and what to expect physically and mentally.]


Memory is connected with attention.  An attentive mind remembers.  A distracted mind forgets.  Attention is energy and produces energy when we use it.  It is like the battery in a car, that recharges itself in the running of the motor.


People who continue to live intensely even at an old age, with their power of concentration and the passion for what their doing, are capable of modifying the physical limitations by which the body is conditioned.  The efficiency of an attentive mind is incalculable.


The old seem to forget, but it is only that they are not interested in what they are doing.  They lose contact with the world, with their environment, with themselves.  They too easily give up their activities and the things they care for, taking refuge in their own protective shell.


We have to keep on using and entertaining our memory.  It is a delicate organ and must be looked after with care.


Do not press your brain to remember, on the contrary, give it time, relax it.  Why do we want to remember?  If we forget, we forget; we are going to remember when we least expect it.  Can we not see that it is the fear not to remember that paralyzes the brain?


The full blossoming of maturity is the best fruit that life can offer.  The need to become is over.  Can we not feel the beauty to be what we are in total acceptance?


The body has its own memory and after the yoga poses (through which you are not pushed but invited to collaborate) and especially during the night, it continues to work in its joyful expansion.


The delight of the body’s unfolding is surprising.  Even the pores of the skin, in their slow opening, seem to participate with the rest of the body.


We forget things collected mechanically by the brain but we easily remember events in which we are somehow emotionally wrapped.


They remain, painted with vivid colors.


Memory is there.  It contains our past conditioning; our childhood, our education, our culture, our experiences, our knowledge, our environment, our country, our family, our friends.  Let us leave all this alone and not use those things, not exploit them or speculate upon them.  They should remain there in complete immobility like the background of a picture or a map.


Not to carry them along is a blessing! With a purpose of pointing out the beauty of a fresh mind, Krishnamurti told this story:

The story concerns two monks traveling by foot together.  On their way, they meet a woman sitting beside a river.  She asks them to help her to cross the stream.  Courteously, they lift her up, putting her on their shoulders and, with the water up to their knees, after reaching the other side of the river, they lay her gently down.  Then they keep on walking silently along the road.  After some time, one of the monks asks his friend: “Was it not a sin to take her in our arms?’ The other monk answers ‘You still carry her on? I left her a long time ago!’




Vanda Scaravelli in the pose Mulabandhasana.  This is an exceptional and difficult asana that very few are able to do without damaging their knees as it entails the inversion of the ankles and heels.  The advantage of this asana is that the muscles of the abdomen are pulled and drawn inside, causing even the last vertebrae of the spine to elongate.


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