Breathing, Inhalation, Exhalation

[As I reflected on my yoga practice this morning, it becomes more and more apparent the important and consciousness of breathing.  Breathing may and is a natural mechanism of our body, but it sometimes follows our shift of emotions, which we can consciously control.


The most beautiful movement in breathing is to watch it without judgement, without evaluation, let it flow.  Therefore it is important to look after

this simple, beautiful, natural flow in life.


The following is taken from the book Awakening The Spine by Vanda Scaravelli.  Signora Scaravelli was a direct student of BKS Iyengar, when he visited Gstaad, Switzerland.  A very deep and profound reading which is very enlightening for me.]






Breathing is the essence yoga


Breathe naturally, without forcing

No pressure, no disturbance

Nothing should interfere with the simple,

Tide-like movement of our lungs

As we breathe in and out.


What is important is the regularity

Of the breathing.

Do not try to take long breaths,

Their length will slowly increase;

It is only a question of time.




Do not be tense when you inhale.

Do not get involved, but receive the air

In a passive, detached way,

As though you were only an observer,

An outsider.


The movement of inhalation is an ‘un-doing’ movement

In which tension is released.

The body must be relaxed

So that the lungs can receive

The new inflow of air.




To exhale means to empty the lungs,

Expelling the air that has been used.

The deeper we exhale, the greater is our capacity

To inhale new, fresh air.


The important thing is that

The outflowing breath should expand in large wave.



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