The Freak Show was in town

It was the first tattoo show in Singapore from 9-11 January 2009 endorsed by the Singapore Tourism Board.  There were more than 70 exhibitors from all over the world and about 15,000 visitors in the 3-day duration. 















Among the big names in tattoo world were Chris Garver (Miami Ink), which was also the ambassador for the show; Paul Booth and his side kick Xiao Lo from Last Rite, NY; Bob Tyrell from Night Gallery, Detroit.
















 There were so many talented artists and made my head and eyes dizzy with amazement.  Among my favorites is Jo Harrison from Birmingham, UK. Her style is very girly and unique.  jo-harrison-uk

Also Daniel Calypso from Belgium, which I would love to get mine.. but his schedule did not permit.  Next time, perhaps!  daniel-calypso-tattoo-belgium






The tattoo studios from China and Taiwan (Lion King, Night Action), they are amazing in their art sense and work. lion-king-taiwan-2 night-action-tattoo-taiwanThere were many more studios from Italy, Germany, Netherlands, Sarawak/Malaysia, Australia and host country, Singapore. 5 booths of talented Indonesian tattoo artists and studio, mostly from Jakarta participated, too. Among others:  Duff, Brisik, Indonesia SubCulture.duff-in-action


Interestingly, a saykan method was performed by one of the prominent tattoo master from Thailand.  It was the one who did Angelina Jolie upper back tattoo.  It was a bit like hand tapping, but using special tool of its own.  I observed that it was not cleanly processed and the master did not use a glove during tattooing.  It was one of the busiest booth during the show.



Among the long signing line done Chris Garver, Bob Tyrell and Paul Booth ran their workshops attended by young, eager tattoo artists from all over the place. 


It was not only the artists which became the attraction, it was also the almost exhibitionist visitors which were also the centre of this freakshow.  Well, as freaky as it could be.. according to my partner, it was considered as mild and not as wild as he would have imagined it would be…


We met friends of tattoo artist, tattoo lovers from Yogya, from Siem Reap (originally from Yogya, too), from Surabaya.. and found time to entertain and had fun in Jumbo Resto and into the wee hour in Geylang Kopi Tiam House.  cimg1873n772148359_1194021_15221s624980081_5525881_161611s37411266750_1724945_39331














PS:  In the aftermath of the freakshow, we stil hung around in the city-of-no imagination of Singapore.  Hey look who I found on the side street cafe sipping his latte.. it’s Chris Garver in flesh, so here it is…




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