The following is a visualized expression for my beloved Mom:


Living separately in two continents makes me miss Mom in different way

She is there, I am here

When we meet, we have a lot to talk about, yet none articulated

We are very different in our approaches to life

She is very guarded, careful and worrisome,

I am free spirit, out of the box, liberated


She turned 75 last year

She looks fragile, but strong-hearted

Her being old, always makes me hard to accept


Look at her photographed with me snapped by my pop

She was beautiful then, always will and always be

She is trustworthy, went through a lot with pop

She built her life with pop from the start

Through thick and thin

Through happiness and sad

Through tears and laughters

Her love to pop is one of a kind

The only kind that I can always refer to

Of loving married couple

For many decades

And many more if there is eternity in this world…


Until pop passed away

She lost a part of herself

She has not been herself since then

I missed her confidence, missed her charms


Mom has different way to teach me about marriage

Her reference is her own

The loving kind, the kind with full of trust, honesty and full spirit towards life

The kind that nurtures each other,

Takes care of each other

Until the end

Until death which separated all of us


Mom and pop are not my biological parents

I was an adopted child

They informed me since I was a kid

So what?

They are my only parents I know

She is my only Mom I know and have

Would it change?

Again, she is the only Mom I know and have


So, Mom,

Although I never express it loud and clear to you

I love you

For being you

For taking care of pop

For taking care of my boys

For being my Mom.




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