(not-so) RANDOM THINGS about ME


  • Mum, Glenn and Gary
  • Durga
  • solitaire, solitude..
  • Concord West
  • yoga, vegetarian
  • trust, sincerity, loving, kindness
  • closed circle of friends
  • dark chocolate, merlot, sambuca
  • Bondi’s Oxford Junction side-walk café..
  • tattoo
  • Rumah Sleman, Amanjiwo.. anyplace that I can breathe freely, feel serene and tranquil
  • cikini raya 37b
  • books, books and more books
  • 09 August 2008
  • anything Kate Spade, Coach, silk products @Siem Reap market
  • ubud
  • vanity fair magazine
  • ipod and nokia e-71
  • Sydney, Jaipur, Delhi, Yogyakarta
  • organized, focused, multi-tasking, persevere
  • coffee and its paraphernalia
  • batik Lasem, KRT Daud
  • john malkovich, adrian brody, catherine keener, philip seymour-hoffman
  • Channel No.5, Marc Jacobs’ Blush, Clarins’ Huille Tonic
  • Papa

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