An Impromptu Journey

It was a last minute decision to go to the beloved Yogyakarta (again!)… Someone wanted to get his unfinished tattoo completed and some cover-up job to be done by Munir.  So Munir agreed… so it became frantic.., because it seemed that there was no hotel room was left empty.. from the usual favorite guesthouses, standard business hotel, to an upgraded presidential suite with a rate which was phenomenally out of this world.  Well, it was the Chinese New Year long week end, what do we expect.


We took care of our means to travel, which was by Taksaka train.  We still struggle to find a place to sleep.  I had this information from a while back about a Rumah Sleman (House of Sleman, which is the name of the area).. looked up on their website and made a call.  I guess, it’s a lucky week end for us, because they got a room for us, and they were on a 50percent off room rate until March 2009.  


We left Gambir on Friday evening, relatively on time, Taksaka snaked through the night.  We arrived in the misty rainy morning at 5.30, about 1 hour later than the scheduled time.  Supriyanto, our butler from Rumah Sleman, met us on the platform prompt and proper with his batik shirt.  The drive was smooth and the place was located deep in Sleman area, about 20 minutes from central Yogya.  


The first feeling to enter the house was tranquil and serene, just the perfect place for us.  It only has 4 bedroom suite, with a wraparound verandah.. ours was called Prambanan Suite.  Each bedroom has its own style and décor. The style is a combination of colonial Dutch-Javanese set up.  The verandah in front of our room was lovely, I can see myself doing my yoga every morning.  It was completely done with a dining table and a day-bed to laze around.  



Although we were taken a back with the setting of our bedroom.. it turned out that it was a twin bed which was quite far apart.. it was compensated with gigantic windows facing the village and rear garden of the place.  The same applies in the roomy bathroom.


Once settled and served with a strong coffee, we put our heads on the fluffy pillows, which immediately extended our restless sleep on the train to a lovely dreamland for a couple of hours. 


cimg1914We hired a motorcycle to get around town. First thing to do: Lunch.. what else, but Gudeg Yu Narni, this time in their outlet in Pangeran Mangkubumi Street near Tugu.  Satisfied with the basic need, we were ready to face the challenge in Sukonandi, Toxic Tattoo.


Later in the evening, we had a date with the Sukonandi clan for dinner in a place called JeJamuran up in Sleman.  It’s a total vegetarian place, serving only mushroom (or Jamur in Bahasa Indonesia) dishes, as the name of the resto implies, with a local taste.  We tried Sate Jamur, Gudeg Jamur, Tongseng Jamur, served with rice and a list of refreshing drinks.  


JeJamuran is a family run business, which focuses in developing the variety type of mushroom.  It has its own mushroom garden at the back of the restaurant which they have grown and managed since 1997.  Other produced also include a fresh cup of straw mushroom, mushroom chips and many more.


[JeJamuran: Niron, Pandowoharjo, Sleman; 0274 868170]


We went back to Rumah Sleman for a night cap, chat, billiard, listening and watching to Aik’s continuous random act of a natural healthy five-year old.. she made the evening complete!




Other interesting place we visited for lunch was Depot Kluwak, nearby Sukonandi.  It is a nook place for all dishes cooked with kluwak, a local ingredient, which gave a black colored soup and tasty flavour.  Their specialties are rawon, brongkos, terik gudangan, salad solo.. all are meat dishes, the only vegetarian dish on the menu is telur kremesan.  


We stopped by Merlino in Wirobrajan to buy their famous homemade bakpia pathuk.  My favourite is the cheese filling, although the chocolate and blackseed nuts tasted.  Try their home-made double cheese cookies, heaven!


The guest service here is excellent, from reception until the end.  Discreet, courteous and always stand by and ready to help.  We love to comeback to visit this beautiful site.  The management of Rumah Sleman also owns several other properties in Jakarta mostly for wedding and other private celebration, namely Rumah Kartanegara and Rumah Imam Bonjol.




The week end went by too fast and seemed that there was not enough time to enjoy more of Rumah Sleman.. to enjoy the breath of fresh air surrounded our verandah, to inhale and exhale positive energy throughout my yoga practice, to strengthen a friendship and get to know their soul one step deeper,  to enjoy our reconciliation after a rather disheartening weeks of disagreements.  


As Taksaka moved slowly leaving Tugu Station behind, we said so long to Yogyakarta, knowing that we will comeback again..and again.. and again…


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