A Gift

It hurts..

When someone violates my trust

When someone contradicts one’s own values, saying and behavior

When someone has overstepping my limits

When boundaries have been pushed too far

Even trying very hard to understand the underlying reason

It still hurts

So deeply



I believe

Everything in life happens for a reason

Even if we have to go through unhappiness, tears, pain,

All trials and tribulations

For a reason that one day

I may get stronger

I may learn more valuable lessons in life


I believe

Everything that happens in life is a gift

I have but to open the wrapping covering

My life and celebrate

Everything that happens to us

In our day-to-day life is sacred,

Even those experiences we consider challenging and painful


We have just to open our eyes and recognize the treasure

Buried in the everyday

And let our foibles, mistakes and difficulties

Heal and transform us.


[The last 2 paragraphs were taken from The Gift by Ruth Ostrow]


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