A New Year

[Every time I try to justify myself not to get on my mat, I feel bad afterwards.  Simply because I de-commit myself for something I believe in and part of my way of life.  The story of Matthew Sanford, the founder of mindbodysolutions.org, gives a whole new perspective to me.  As a matter of fact, I hope it is not too late to make a new year’s resolution for myself: to improve my practice to the next level, to stick with my commitment, to refresh my objectives of doing yoga, to continue my practice to another depth of my spiritual journey. The story of Matthew Sanford, a paraplegic yoga teacher, gives a torch and new inspiration to me.]
















…..  So what keeps me going? I am nourished by the sensation of wonder.  Each day I get on my mat, I open to the vastness of yoga rather than narrow myself to a goal for that particular day. 


I feel wonder as I realize that every pose is infinite and that ultimate mastery is not possible.  I feel wonder as my practice teaches me to trust that time, dedication and curiosity are what bring me progress, not the intensity of my will.  


Most of all, I feel wonder about the little things how my breathing is such sensual experience, how my lifted chest directs awareness through my extremities. 


Finally I am filled with a sense of wonder as I realize that my yoga practice allows me to refine the quality of my existence.  That is what I wish for you.  As you think about your goals, take a page from your yoga practice:  Relish the ride, not just the accomplishments.


Excerpted from Yoga Journal February 2009.


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