Sana Sini di Yogyakarta

Stay:  Ministry of Coffee in Prawirotaman.  A cozy 8-bedroom bed and breakfast.  The room is clean and functional.  They could invest better lighting in the bathroom.  The breakfast is worth it to have, especially the freshly pressed coffee.  Also their freshly kitchen made pastries.  Wi-fi access is also a bit complicated.  They should give access for guest either free or one-access valid through out the stay. The lobby area is airy with its high ceiling and second floor being its Library.  Proximity and access to public transportation is within walking distance.



 Ministry of Coffee, Jalan Prawirotaman 1 no. 15A, Yogyakarta, +62 274 376057.


Culinary:  Milas is not just a vegetarian restaurant.  It is a place with a cause:  improved health, education and environmental awareness.. so it says in its tagline.  Indeed they are serious with their vision.  Besides the beautiful food which they serve, they also sell creative art and craft, natural food produce and supply done by various charity and community development done, for example the street children. The place is surrounded by organic vegetable garden. Our feast for dinner was Perkedel Jagung (corn fritters served with hot tomato chilly sauce), Tahu Bingung (literary means confused Tofu cooked in various vegetables in sweet and spicy sauce, served with organic rice), Corn Burger (with buns made from organic flour, the burger was a mashed of tasty corn.. to me it was too much of the mayo-based sauce.  Served with freshly fried potato chips.  A total fix for my carbo craving).  We flushed the food down with Ice honey lemon juice and Ice Tea Organic.

Milas, Jalan Prawirotaman 4 no 127B, Yogyakarta, +62 274 7423399.


Eva Coffee in Ambarawa, about 1 hour south of Semarang, is a classic place to stop by and watching life passing by. It brought you back into the ancient life of colonial coffee farmers in Central Java. Love the fresh fried/steamed tofu served with chilly sweet soy sauce.  It went well with a hot wedang jahe (sweet and hot ginger juice).


Gudeg Wijilan.  Aaah.. how can you come to Yogya without having some gudeg, as its signature dish.  They have its specialities in various places around Yogya.  This time we came back to Ibu Lies and Ibu Ninuk.  The sweetness of the well cooked young jackfruit, combined with a spicy cerecek, marinated egg, tofu and tempe bacem, served with a steamy white rice.. Life is totally good!

 Jadah Tempe.  Surrounded by the cool and almost misty afternoon in Kaliurang Bus Terminal, I gladly marched to my tempe or tahu bacem (marinated in various local spices and tasted sweet) vendor, which also sold jadah (a mashed glutinous rice combined with some dessicated coconut).  Don’t forget to crush on fresh chilly padi to spice it all up.  A good combination for a rainy afternoon wait before heading back to Yogya.

Hani’s bakery next to Cemeti Art House is a good fix for bread and other carbo cravings.  It was a pitstop for our on-the-road nibble.  Good taste for a home-made hole in the wall shop!

Hani’s Restaurant, Bakery and Deli; Jl. Panjaitan 39, Yogyakarta. 

The other repeat visit(s) were:  Gabah Resto in Sagan (nice quiet ambience in the middle of the city – my choice of Bruschetta and Shiitake Mushroom steak were delightful for lunch); Gajah Wong in Gejayan (we stopped by for after-dinner desert, including my favorite of cinnamon and ginger ice cream sorbet); Nasi Pecel Solo next to Hyatt Yogya on Jalan PalaganTentara Pelajar never disappointed us in quality of food and its magical pendopo ambience.  And of course, we stopped by in Roemahkoe Resto in Solo for a late afternoon lunch, faboluous! Coffee at Losari Coffee Plantation, among the morning mist surrounded the place, heaven!



Tattoo:  Toxic TattooPark in Semaki is the best kept secret place in town.  Run and managed by Munir and Ajeng, they provide a professional yet friendly tattoo place following a standard health procedures from our Dinas Kesehatan (Ministry of Health).  Munir is well-known to ink the sleeve tattoo of Tora Sudiro.  In the bright and airy studio, they also supply various tattoo needs for tattoo artist, as well as piercing accessories.  Read my experience in The recent Signature of the Soul.











Toxic TattooPark, Jalan Sukomandi 2, no. 9F, Semaki, Yogyakarta, +62 274 7441431.


Stuff:  Barkas (Barang Bekas – Used stuff) has 2 shops in Gejayan and Kaliurang.  My favourite is the one in Kaliurang, which resembles a big warehouse and more used furnitures displayed there.  From second hand clothing to new ‘fake’ distro designer shoes, bags to motorcycle helmet, knickknack lighters, to Doraemon night table lamp. They have various collection of 70’s retro rattan furniture, the one with a round table and 4 matching ottoman which can stored neatly underneath.  We settled for whisky flasks ex Russian army and a Jack Daniel one for a Christmas gift.   With this kind of shop, you can count on your luck, because you would never know what you can find here…

 Barkas, Jalan Gejayan 8c and Jalan Kaliurang km 11, Yogyakarta.

Book Shopping a building block next to BeringHarjo market.  It’s a two-strorey place for the bookworms in you from various vendors.  You name it, they have it.. old, new, used, indie publisher/printer. Almost priced like a direct seller.. and do bargain! I was totally panic here.. too many too choose.

 See you in our next trip!









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