Strong Body, Strong Spirit

As you practice balancing in Bakasana (Crow Pose) or pushing up into a backbend, you’re building more than just muscles – you’re also building emotional courage you can call upon every day. 

‘Doing poses with a fresh attitude each time until you accomplish them teaches you to be persistent’ says teacher Ana Forrest of Foresst Yoga Circle in Santa Monica, California.  Forrest found that yoga helped her identify and work with emotional wounds. She noticed that as she built strength in her practice, difficult emotions would surface. 

Rather than run away from them, she learned to stay with her pain and breathe through it.  ‘I used to think the strongest act was to shut down’ she says. ‘But it takes more courage to feel what’s going on and to respond honestly to it.  That’s how you create internal changes that bring healing.’


(by Andrea Ferretti – taken from Yoga Journal June 2005)


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