Music to my Ears (2)

Lovely, lovely tunes are decorating my eardrums and enjoyed through my living room and privately, on my iPod.  My latest favorites are from:


  1. Colbi Caillat in her debut album Coco gives a very refreshing Californian tunes, you know, clear blue sky, warm breeze, beach life…  My favorites are Bubbly and Tailor Made.  Colbi brings an acoustic pop genre, with some light country and jazz touches here and there.


  1. Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals and Welcome to the Cruel World are 2 albums from Ben Harper which were released in 2006 and 1994 summed up that this singer, song-writer brands himself for a peace-chanting, love theme, with rock tunes and beats in gospel, blues and soul. Truly inspirational!


  1. Dreaming Out Loud is the latest album released by OneRepublic, a modern rock band with songs which were nicely composed and crooned by their frontman Ryan Tedder. My best choices are Apologize and Say.  You can feel the heavy undercurrent emotional with each song they sing.


  1. The very best of Lisa Loeb is obviously a compilation of songs sang by Lisa Loeb between 1999 – 2004.  I know, it is not the latest and greatest… but to me, Lisa still gives the edge from her lyrics and modern-day Mary Tyler Moore appearance. My favorites are Stay, Single Me Out, Do you sleep?


  1. Lastly but certainly not least is Nathasha Bedingfield and her latest album called Pocketful of Sunshine.  I guess she is a breed between Joss Stone and Corrine Ann Bailey.. but with more edge!  I truly love Freckles, which talked about the beauty of imperfections; as well Put Your Arms Around Me, definitely gives me a feel-good impact.

Enjoy the moment!


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